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Air tighteness

Draft Part L 2007 states

“Air permeability can be measured by means of pressure testing of a
building prior to completion. The procedure for testing is specified in IS EN
13829:2000 “Thermal performance of buildings: determination of air
permeability of buildings: fan pressurization method”, and performance is
quantified in terms of cubic metres per square metre of external surface area
per hour (m3/(hr.m2) at 50 Pascals pressure difference. Guidance on
appropriate extent of testing is given in Paragraph 5.4.3.
3.4.4. When tested in accordance with the procedure referred to in
Paragraph 3.4.3, a performance level of 10m3/(hr.m2) represents a
reasonable upper limit for air permeability.”

Henno’s or anyone else ” definition” is neither here nor there .

Though maybe you could ask your middle aged pal ……………..

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