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But it’s so true, anyone that suddenly becomes interested in windows for whatever reason just gets hooked on them!

That’s brilliant news about the pantry window, sure you’re as good as done now!
If the shutters have been removed from all the other windows it’d be great to be able to reinsert them – though money money money is always lurking in the background…

If you do go for the timber sashes they’ll be worth every penny. As soon as they’re in you will cringe at yourself for ever even looking at anything else!
There’s nothing more delightful than a brand new or restored perfectly operating hand-crafted sash window – without getting too hung up on it 😮 they are a pleasure to use, and offer so much flexibility in terms of how you want to air rooms etc.

And the architectural contribution to the house will be substantial, both externally and internally, and no doubt will add a few bob to its value too…

Anyway, the best of luck with your new windows (what a strange thing to say :o). If you could post a picture or two upon completion that would be great 🙂

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