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Streets with an elbow in them are not that common in Dublin. One location that could be a possible match is Fishamble Street, looking south, up the hill from about the junction with Essex Street west.

a poor quality image taken from google maps of that location now.

The ‘Kennan’s’ house [yellow brick] was reduced to three storey for most of the 20th century, but obviously there is a discrepancy in that the painting shows the house in this position to be three-bay wide, not two-bay as it actually is. A large shed, the Kennan’s steel warehouse, occupied the site of the adjoining houses in any images I can find going back to the 1960s, but if we could find even distant images of the houses that were there before, it might be possible to confirm that this is the location.

Note that there is a lamp post at about the same spot depicted in O’Colmain’s painting. Lamp posts remained doggedly resistant to re-location, no matter what scale of redevelopment was happening around them.

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