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Further to the discussion we’ve been having on the Thomas Street thread about the, so called, ‘Protected Structure’ at 37 Thomas Street, the hugely important house at 91 Camden Street is currently being subjected to similar unauthorized works.

Dublin City Council were notified last Friday that these works were under way and of the significance of the house, but, to date, no notices have been served on the property and no effective action has been taken, either to halt the unauthorized works, or assess the damage already done.

unauthorised works under way on Friday 6th Sept, with the rare, stone-built rear gable already partially rebuilt in blockwork and the cruciform roof stripped.

unauthorised works still on-going this morning.

Photographs from two years ago show the remarkable completeness of the original roof structure, the last cruciform roof in Dublin to retain this level of original fabric.

the interior of the attic storey looking towards the rear gable

the interior of the attic storey looking towards the crossing from the rear

a section of the original slating

a view through the crossing to the lunette window on the front façade. The front and back attic spaces can only be accessed by crawling under the primary cross beams that form the main structure of the cruciform roof, suggesting that these spaces were only ever intended for storage

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