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it facsinates me how building of 200+ years old can simply be pulled down when they have clearly some architectural importance no matter what their current state.

Surely there is something that can be done to protect the little that we have left ?

This site is part of the Digital Hub. When the state chose not to lead the development of the Digital Hub itself, in 2005, but rather to put out the holdings to tender in two lots, part of the advertisement included a 3D render which showed this reasonably intact section of Thomas Street retained with some contemporary in-fill in the gaps with some ‘medium rise’ in the mix. Unfortunately, the developers who bought Lot 1, (the south side of Thomas Street) threw out these modest proposals and went into full slash and burn mode, proposing the demolition of all the ordinary houses on Thomas Street, leaving only the old library on this stretch, and throwing in a battery of Shanghai style high rise towers on the former Guinness site to the rear.

This application was refused permission, but you can sense a air of regret in the planner’s report that permission couldn’t have been granted. Essentially the dense cluster of high rise was a step too far.

In the current proposal for Lot 1, I think some of the houses on this stretch of Thomas Street may have got a reprieve, but I don’t think these two former ‘Billys’ are included. To be honest I’ve lost track of this proposal. I remember looking at some of the elevation drawings and literally not being able to figure out what they were actually proposing. I’ll have to try and get another look at it.

Less threatened by development, but still in danger from neglect, is this fine little probable former ‘Billy’ at 25 Aungier Street. The proportions here are very similar to the 3 bay Thomas Street house. The rear has lost it return, but the slight recess in the rear elevation (right side) is a good indication of it’s original existence. The left, or stairwell, side of the rear elevation retains a piece of the original gable which is quite steep and should give a clear indication of the original profile of the main roof.

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