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You’re spot on again there Apelles.

The present site of the Wogan Interiors premises was formerly a terrage of four particularly smart Billys that we’re fortunate to have quite a lot of information on.

The site was packaged for development in 1727 by Drogheda Corporation and divided into four plots of 21 foot frontage and 128 foot depth. The site appears to have previously been occupied by a Guild Hall and at least one old house adjoining the north west corner of the bridge.

The Bike shop was actually a re-gabled version of the formerly gabled house built in 1727, or shortly afterwards, by Alderman Henry Ackland. The shallower pitched roof and ornate curvilinear gable in the Bike Shop view were added to the house circa 1900 after its original cruciform roof and its replacement flat parapet, which had succeeded the original gable, had themselves been replaced.

a view of Shop Street when the facades were still brick

Note that the adjoining house [no. 23] had the same window arrangement as the cluster of houses on West Street that we were discussing earl

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