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The Lady Lane house will definitely merit a closer look, pity it seems to be ‘sale agreed’ or we could probably masquerade as potential buyers and book a viewing. There appear to have been a number of high profile residents of Lady Lane in the 18th century, at least two of them holding the position of ‘Recorder’ in Waterford Corporation, perhaps no. 22 belonged to one of these gents. I don’t suppose anyone down there in the sunny south east has some local knowledge they’d like to share . . . maybe narrow the search down a little bit.

Just noticed this today.. Below is a detail from a sketch drawn in 1774 by S. Wynne.. I’ve got a feeling the building to the left of the Bishops Palace is the rear of that house on Lady Lane.. Not shown clearly but Looks like there’s at least two large rear facing gables, and artist could have omitted the third..

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