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Very interesting about the Ivory house. Indeed the whole row. But the position of the transitional is odd. Why does it stick out like that? It seems obvious to me that there was at least another one on the Ivory house site, from looking in the windows you can see the corner chimney piece which I’m sure was shared with its now long gone twin.

Those poor benighted houses on Mountpleasant, damn all pleasant about it now, must have been lovely once though.

As regards Charlemount St, do you know that house set back from the east side of the street, it’s part of the Charlemont Clinic I think. Looks very similar to those houses on Fownes St? I reckon it’s pretty early. Also I suspect the spillover hardware supply shop a few doors down beside the flats may be a more interesting building than first meets the eye.

Then there is this strange, hulking building on Ranelagh Ave. Don’t know what to make of it. (Sorry about the quality, but you’ll get the idea.)

And another transitional on Lennox St?

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