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But again, why two pitches? Either they had money to burn, had a morbid aversion to downpipes, or very deviously anticipated the kerfuffle such a misleading ploy would generate two centuries later. They have a 19th century appearance to me also, which would tie in with WSC alterations along here at that time which Devin charted earlier.

Agreed about the twin roof transitional typology – I don’t think anybody’s disputing that many of these houses were never dual-gabled. But on the twin gable notion Devin, yes we have no explicit record per se of such houses, but equally we have (I’m open to correction on this) only a solitary depiction of a triple gable mansion – namely Speaker Foster’s mansion of Molesworth Street – when we categorically know of at least, what, five, of these houses in the city? And these houses in turn only date from the latter reaches of the gabled period – surely there were earlier editions, with the Clancarty house on College Green being a variation of the type. There is little question that we need to get hacking inside some of these houses for hard evidence. In accordance with best conservation hacking of course. gunter’s above depiction of No. 7 highlights in very clear terms what a handsome architectural statement such a house could make. (If that dyslexic builder was still about, we could have had a striking pair of round and triangular pediments atop – Richard Castle style ;))

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