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Heheh – wowza!

No doubt they were well known as ‘the pair’ in the area. Just imagine what they were like without that slurry of pebbledash! In spite of the immediate symmetry, they don’t appear to have been built as a precisely regular pair – there’s quite a bit of guesswork going on which is quaint. What’s there now do you know gunter?

Great discovery on North Mall. The houses along here are extremely deceptive with their decorous Italianate and stucco facades, but you’re right on the roofs – there are central stacks visible, and that does look like a double-pitch roof on your pink house, which throws things a bit… The pink and blue pair two doors down to the left, with their large and densely clustered windows to the middle, appear modified from earlier origins. It’d be nice to find a few more four-bay gabled houses in the mix along here – there are definitely a few contenders.

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