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Very little doubt Punchbowl that the Byrne’s Butchers is a ‘full-on’ Billy, see apex of hipped roof peeping up over the flat parapet

91 Camden Street is on the Record of Protected Structures [no. 1164], so in theory nothing bad can happen to it :rolleyes: Current information is that the house is still For Sale, but as nothing is actually selling these days, the estate agents were probably sent away and told where to insert their invoice.

I wouldn’t be too harsh with Mr. Byrne, he might be a crochety old geezer but he’s also an old time Dublin butcher and he’s kept a tidy business running here for many years. I suspect he would be of a generation that doesn’t fully get the implications of ‘Protected Structures’ . . . . or the 1963 planning act for that matter.

It’s a pity he’s selling up, we mightn’t be so lucky with the next owner.

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