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@Devin wrote:

So you’re actually conceding that a double roof might not always actually point to a double gable?* ……. let me sit down and catch my breath for a moment

Yes, it’s a possibility but – I don’t know if I mentioned – the only know example is in Deptford, some 300 miles away.

The ship-wright’s house in the naval dockyard at Deptford from a 1747 painting, and an aerial view of roof today [the facade has been rebuilt].

. . . . whereas, in contrast, twin-gabled examples that can be found around the corner at Jervis Street, and both sides of New Row South [confirmed] as well as a dozen other locations in Dublin [if you join the dots].

But sit down there and take a little rest, there’s no hurry, wait till we find your slippers.

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