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On Hendrick St. I thought I had posed up this recent pic of the last surviving gabled house (less it’s gable) on Hendrick Street for comparison with the 1980s sketch, a couple of days ago, but, since it didn’t stick, here it is again.

In slightly better condition, but this time altered almost beyond recognition by our 18th and 19th century predecessors, are these three, former ‘Billys’ on the east side of Stephen’s Green, near the Merrion Row corner.

At a guess, I think the cute one with the doll’s house door may have been a twin gabled composition, with the Victorian dormers replacing the original gable windows. The frilly plaster window surrounds are another example of the Victorians not being able to keep their grubby hands off other peoples’ buildings. The interior seems to be pretty intact, as was mentioned earlier in this thread.

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