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@Devin wrote:

. . . I didn’t say anything about what the present top storey replaced. For the purpose of this point, it’s not really relevant what the present top storey replaced; it may not have replaced anything, since the buildings with their early panelling were quite possibly of smaller three-storey scale to begin with.

But Devin, this is the central point. For the existing roof structure not to be original [or a renewal of the original in some cases] as I believe, you have to explain what you think the original structure was.

That way, we can stand up the two ideas and interrogate them . . . until yours crumples on the floor in a heap 🙂

@Devin wrote:

The point is that the buildings received that four-storey external (facade and roof envelope) makeover in the Georgian period.

. . . in a heap 🙂

@Devin wrote:

Oh no you don’t!!! We’re just talking about three houses on Bachelors Walk here. We’re not suddenly maintaining the same layered alterations occured to all the other twin roof examples familiar to this thread, thank you very much!

Yeh, because it didn’t happen.

@Devin wrote:

25 James Street is more of an oddball.

oddball present in the discussion somewhere alright :rolleyes:

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