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@Devin wrote:

Well I don’t understand the ‘gunter against the world’ line you push on this thread.

That’s two-in-the-morning crap, Devin 😡

We were getting somewhere on this thread. We were identifying examples [many of them with original features], many of them boarded-up and likely to vanish if building ever starts up again. We were even getting somewhere on classification:- the eight or ten different designs of ‘Billys’ were starting to come into focus . . . . . and then along you come with with your ”I’ll die before I believe in twin-Billys” and ”these are gone, get over it” and your ”fantasy drawings” accusation and now your ”worn out shells”.

As far as I know everyone else was happy to go exploring, see what we could turn up, chew it over.

I am not ”against the world”, Devin, I’m against Devin 😉 . . . . you are the spanner in the works, . . . . [with the emphasis on spanner]

@Devin wrote:

It is known that the city was largely gabled prior to the Georgian period and, yes, that it was culturally significant in that it didn’t happen in London but instead took from northern mainland Europe.

It is known, yes, but as a footnote. You can’t tell me it’s widely known and it certainly isn’t celebrated the way our Georgian heritage is celebrated, and there is much more to it than just that ‘it took from northern mainland Europe’.

I don’t understand your problem with this, we must have – what – fifty? histories of ‘Georgian Dublin’, of one kind or another, can we not have one lousy thread on a discussion forum dedicated to exploring the heritage of Dutch Billys?

@Devin wrote:

Others have been fought for in vain – eg. the epic battle to save the fully panelled 95 Capel Street in 1993.

True, but I don’t remember any talk at the time that 95 was a ‘Billy’, all the agitation at the time was about it’s collapsing Georgian facade and the panelled interior.

@Devin wrote:

But what do you do with anonymous shells on Mary Street?
. . . . I watched numerous dissappear in the early noughties on the Smithfield / Queen Street block for Smithfield Market

Why not get them surveyed, explore their origins, tell their story, and if that all adds up to a picture of significance, which it it probably will, get them ‘protected’.

That’s all I’m trying to do.

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