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The new “Irish Historic Towns Atlas ~ Limerick” . . . it mentions a book from George Wilkinson called the “Practical Geology and Ancient Architecture of Ireland” (Dublin and London 1845),

Got a look at that Historic Town Atlas for Limerick – absolutely brilliant 🙂

Well done to all concerned.

Spot on there CologneMike with the George Wilkinson reference. This is what he had to say about ‘Billys’ in 1845:

”On the decline of the solid structures which denoted the Tudor and Elizabethan styles of architecture, the lighter and more common-place structures of the present day succeeded, and the use of bricks became common: their very general use, however, appears to have originated from the extensive intercourse with Dutch towns, which occassioned the introduction of the style of architecture and brick construction peculiar to that country, bricks having been extensively imported into Ireland. The following woodcut [above] represents a view of a street in Limerick, is an illustration of the kind of buildings which became common in the early part of the eighteenth century: the date of the figures in the upper part of these structures is 1735, which was, doubtless, the period of their erection. Buildings of this character are to be met with in most of the towns in Ireland; and we may infer that the style was generally approved and imitated, many stone structures having had their street-fronts taken down and rebuilt after this fashion. After this period the use of bricks became common; the picturesque buildings, however, with which they were introduced, ceased to be imitated, and in the increase of towns and repair of buildings a different fashion was followed: to this chiefly may be attributed the neglect and want of appreciation of the pleasing forms of many of these old structures, which are now found only in the old, and consequently less fashionable, part of the town, and occupied by persons who fail to maintain them in that order which formerly belonged to them.”

Nice to hear first hand accounts once in a while

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