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@CologneMike wrote:

Very atmospheric print.

Conservationists, urban historians and others have known the early Georgian house type for decades

Sorry, I omitted to include “pre-Georgian” house type in there also …….. perhaps an unconcious reaction to the billy-on-the-brain tendency of the thread πŸ˜€


On the subject of No. 27 Bachelors Walk, a funny little quirk is that the buildings east of No. 27 up to the laneway Bachelors Way were set back by a few metres about 100 years ago. As can be seen here on the 1847 map (and also on the Shaw’s 1850 elevation posted above), buildings east of No. 27 are flush.

Then the setback produced this piece of returning wall to No. 27.

The late-19th century Bachelor Inn on the corner of the laneway had already been built, but it apparently wasn’t demolished to create the setback; it was just shaved back. The difference can best be seen here in this 1880s photo from the roof of the Custom House, with 2-and-a-bit bays of the Bachelor Inn visible on the left in the distance.

Whereas this is the situation now – 1-and-a-bit bays visible. Why was the setback created? I suppose to reduce the depth of that step in the street in a prominent location.

As for the historic building at No. 27, it seems to have been demolished around the ’70s. It’s gone by the time of this ’80s aerial photo anyway.

The site remained like that until about 10 years ago, when the current pastiche was built, doubtless to supply more accomodation for the diddley-eye fest that goes on around there. And what a dire pastiche … its proportions pain me πŸ™ A large amount of wall above the top-floor windows is one thing, but a pitched roof starting at the top of that wall is another :O

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