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Thanks for that (and I don’t recall talking about coffee outlets :confused:)

We have of course the most famous former Dutch Billies in the city, on St. Stephen’s Green south.

They couldn’t have made it more obvious if they tried really, could they? The 1750’s equivalent of sticking a fibreglass portico onto your Corpo house.

The attic storey clearly refaced yet again at a later date.

And their delightful Dublin merchant doorcases.

And next door – in this case it’s possible the attic storey is an entirely new storey, in spite of the clustered windows.

And half way down the Green, Georgian London makes a fleeting visit to Dublin.

Suspicious goings-on here. Also note the trademark enormous (partially crudely rebuilt) shared chimney stack which literally holds the buildings up.

Something very odd with this one too – anyone care to hazard a theory?

Its development looks upside down. I suspect this is an early parapeted house, c. 1740, built with many windows across the facade originally. Then it was modernised to the lower facade later in the 18th century and the brick unified across all floors, thus leaving the old-fashioned fenestration stranded above in an otherwise late Georgian elevation…

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