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@GrahamH wrote:

Yes the print I referred to was that Penny Journal one you posted (I just couldn’t be bothered scanning it lol).
Out of interest, how did you know Lisle House was Foster’s house, gunter?

You just couldn’t be bothered scanning the single most important print of Dutch Billys in existence! You’d rather hold discussions on coffee emporia!

We’ll move on.

On the Speaker Foster’s house, when I saw the1970s photograph with the three roof ridges peeping up over the parapet, the penny dropped.

For a bit of confirmation, the disposition of the windows on the back elevation of no. 32 is strikingly similar to the arrangement on the front elevation as shown in the Penny Journal print, which is the point that you were making at the start, surely no. 32 is a gabled house.

My render skills are primitive, but one of these days I want to have a go at creating a decent render of this stretch of Molesworth Street as it would have been originally using the the surviving fabric as a template.

missarchi could probably knock this up in a couple of hours.

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