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Thought you were getting away with the Barker remarks, eh? 😉

@gunter wrote:

Devin might take note of the existence of twin gabled houses in the mix.

Well yes, much in the vein of the more well known Tudor print of College Green – rudimentary drawings of various multi-gables. Is there something in particular to note?

@gunter wrote:

Hey Devin, what does this one remind you of? . . . . apologies again for the out of focus image.

I might have been a bit rash in taking out that large, single, second floor window in my sketch reconstruction of the Newmarket twin Billy 🙂
. . . . . you know the one that ‘didn’t exist’

You’re linking the two of these?

Ok well the Newmarket house has what appears to be an early 19th century enlargement of its second floor window, in a facade with a single-gable formation of windows.

Allowing for the basic quality of the drawing, the house in the Barker map is a double-gabled, possibly large house with sparsely located windows, those in the gables (possibly) shown smaller than the others.

I’m not that clear as to where the links are. Maybe you could enlighten me? 🙂

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