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Brilliant stuff appelles! 😀 I’m still wondering how you escaped a alive from snapping.

Delighted so much survives to the interior of No. 28, gunter. Very interesting about the paired windows to the stairwell – you learn something new every day! The rear wall is almost certainly only a refacing, and yet another example of the extent to which rear facades were refaced in Dublin in the 19th century. It was quite an industry.

South Anne Street and Duke Street in some respects are the surviving ambassadors for Molesworth Street and all that we lost in its vicinity in the 1970s. They represent that period of transitional estate-building that has so been forgotton or at best underrated in the charting of Dublin’s development. They are of course still undervalued, with some fascinating early houses in a worrying state of decay.

Oh, and slap on the wrist to Rocque yet again. Tut.

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