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Hi Praxiteles,
Firstly, many thanks to you for that book recommendation, I bought it way back and have been dipping into it, a masterly historical tome.

No, looked at that post , not it. The image to which I refer is Fig. 84 on page 420. The note says:
Fig. 84 Detail from engraving of Cork Exchange, 1750 (engr., Charles Smith, History of Cork [1750], I).
“The shops in the shadow of the Exchange along North Main Street and in Castle Street had once been the best in the city but by 1750 the drift eastwards was evident. The street sellers here are located outside shops in what were quite old brick houses. Spanish-style bay windows remained popular in the narrow and often dark streets of the older quarters of the town.”

The gable is Dutch, with twin windows, but the ridgeline does not look right. Will have another go at scanning later.

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