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gunter, I don’t mind saying that this is my favourite thread here. The Billy thread is the king of threads – it has everything as far as I’m concerned.

What is wonderful is not only learning about a significant and beautiful Irish architectural movement of which I’ve been completely ignorant but also the excitement that big parts of this huge legacy remain hidden and disguised in our urban landscape if only you’re prepared to look. It spices up every walk through our cities.

And it’s all so under appreciated! As someone said earlier, have we not done enough extolling the Georgian and Classicist periods of Irish architecture? By the way, where is that person who made the Liberty Hall documentary gone? He was looking for suggestions for further architectural films. I cannot think of a better subject.

Enough of the gushing. The reason for posting was provoked by your mention of a Peter Walsh article. I presume you have read a bit about the Billy movement over the years. Can you recommend any reading materials or studies on the subject?

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