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They appealed that Molesworth St refusal, but then withdrew. Revised proposal is awaited.

Feel free to return to Molesworth Street after this post!!

@gunter wrote:

completely forgot about those three houses on Haymarket. Weren’t they knocked for some appalling extension to Tully’s Tiles?

I don’t remember them myself]
Existing view looking west on Newmarket towards Chamber Street. The stone warehouses on the right form the west corner of Brabazon Place, opposite Gray’s on the east corner. The warehouses are derelict and look to be prep’d for re-development. They are 19th century replacements of the original gabled houses, but they are part of the story of the space and should be retained and worked into the redevelopment rather than bulldozed and forgotten.[/QUOTE]Yeah, the stone warehouse on the corner (‘the potato market’) is a protected structure and is being incorporated within approved Ref. 5410/04 (the other semi-demolished one beyond it is not protected & is not being kept), for a big scheme also including repair of the fine Georgian Brewer’s house round the corner, 10 Ardee Street – Image: Although this scheme was approved 3 years ago, there’s no sign of anyting starting.

If McCullough Mulvin have their way Newmarket will look quite different in the future (go to ‘view all projects’ and ‘masterplanning’):

The early-18th century gabled house on Montpelier Hill deserves an appearance in the thread.

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