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@gunter wrote:

What has happened here is a real shame. I’ve read through the planning file now and it’s clear that the architects involved are fellow travellers, ‘Dutch Billy’ anoraks to a man by the sounds of it.

Well I’ll leave the labelling to those of you inside the tent ;), but I’d agree with your view- I too was struck by the level of research that seems to have gone into the proposal. But the result bears little resemblance to the detail of the planning application, as noted by Graham. And that’s the real pity. Was the temptation just too much to be the first practice to return a Billy to something like its original aspect?

The other thing that occurred to me, re a precedent- the only similar house I can think of with a flat parapet and chamfered corners is Dr Johnson’s place in London. Not very similar, admittedly, but if not that, then what?

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