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@CologneMike wrote:

I thought it might be of some help to show the house numbers from Broad Street

That is useful, and more pictures too!

So, no. 8 has been truncated by the loss of the roof and one storey and has been re-faced, no. 9 survives in it’s 19th century? state, and no. 10 has been rebuilt (entirely?)

The surviving areas of good stonework at ground floor level of nos. 8 & 9 suggest that these two at least retain, probably substantial, fabric from the pre-brick, late medieval or early seventeenth century, castellated town house development that also lined much of Mary St./Nicholas St.

Presumably then, like the ‘Galwey’s House’ these earlier stone structures were up-dated to have the ornamental gable topped brick facades with sash windows that the early photographs suggest. That would help explain why they’re so hard to read!

If these houses were ‘Dutch Billys’, this would have been just a phase that they went through, as it were.

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