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They’re great aerial shots, you don’t know how long I spent looking at distant grainy shots of Broad street, and all this time you you were sitting on a hat full of crisp clear images :rolleyes:

I’m still not seeing chunky central chimney stacks though, so what’s the answer? Are there any corner fireplaces in Limerick?

I like the correlation between the Broad Street roof scapes and that posted copy of the 1633 Pacata Map, but I have a sneaking feeling that this copy may be a dodgy 19th century ‘antique’ version. I have a vague recollection of seeing another version which didn’t show quite so many gable fronted houses, but instead had much more of the mini-castle type tower houses that we know existed up the lenght of Mary St./Nicholas St. and I think some of Broad St. as well.

As usual, I can’t remember where I put the note of where I saw it, or where I saw it!

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