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@CologneMike wrote:

. . . I would be inclined to tip that “The Locke Bar” is our Dutch Billy here, which would be two houses further to the left in Tuborg’s image.

The Locke Bar is one of Limericks oldest pubs dating back to 1724.

Ah!, I see that now.

The right hand house (with the flat parapet) seems to have been completely rebuilt, but ‘The Locke Bar’ seems to retain the lower three storeys of the left hand ‘Billy’, wow! what’s it like inside? any internal features, mouldings, fireplaces etc.? Stone built, except for the front, that’s interesting!

There was a much smaller house, of about the same period, at no. 75 Old Kilmainham, which was also stone built, but which also had a bright red brick facade (almost certain it was a ‘Billy’) and it also had a central chimney stack on the line of the roof ridge, as indicated here in the second painting. This could be a nice provincial variation that we don’t see in mainstream Dublin ‘Billies’.

That other terrace on Georges Quay is amazing.

As you say, the half round attic storey windows look more like a throw-back to the gabled tradition rather than that we’re dealing with an actual terrace of ‘Billies’ that was later altered to have the latest flat parapet, but then again, keystones and skew-backs are early features you wouldn’t normally associate with the modernity of the flat parapet.

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