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I wonder is the house I’ve marked with an X in this 1960s aerial view, posted by Tuborg, one of the two ‘Billies’ depicted in the painting, the steps in the quay wall appear to roughly correspond!

Gunter, the location you marked X on Georges Quay was known as Moll Darby’s fish market (today a restaurant) and it also marks Creagh Lane where an Augustinian Church once stood (right foreground painting). Therefore I would be inclined to tip that “The Locke Bar” is our Dutch Billy here, which would be two houses further to the left in Tuborg’s image.

The Locke Bar is one of Limericks oldest pubs dating back to 1724. It is a very popular watering hole today unfortunately in my opinion it is spoilt by a long street-front conservatory awning. I could not find a decent image of the building today as it is hidden by trees. Here are a few from, fústar 1, fústar 2

The painting below is by Samuel Frederick Brocas (1819) and both are very similar in content in that one could trust its authenticity. (Book Cover ~ Limerick Historical Reflections ~ Kevin Hannan)

Also below is an image that would show Georgian buildings (1760s) appearing to the right of Creagh Lane. There are also semicircular niches (attic) to be seen on some of them, a little expression of Dutch Billy nostalgia 😉 by the architect?

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