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This is an excellent thread gunter, keep it up 🙂

Not sure if Id necessarily agree with you about poor ol Luke Gardiner, but I certainly do think you have made a very worthwhile case as to the need to document and debate the Billys.

@gunter wrote:

That big house on Manor Street is a gem, but I would be 95% certain it was never a ‘Dutch Billy’.

I beg to differ – looking at that snap, it appears to me that the top two corners are of red brick, wheras the mass of the building is in brown brick, with a definate Billy outline as best seen by the gentle curves in the top left corner.

@aj wrote:

as much as it breaks my heart its clear we havent learnt from the mistakes made in the not too distant past. I have a real fear that the remianing areas of the cities with sizable concentrations of historic building are simply being left to rot.

The state of thomas street and the Northern gerogian quarter is a disgrace . The intentional dereliction that developers are permitted to get away with is a joke. Its time we take stock of what we have left and protect it.

Aj I 100% agree with you. The topic of Derelict Dublin may well merit a thread on its own. In the meantime, what are the primary reasons for dereliction in Dublin – is it the failure of the Derelict Sites Act to have worked, or the failure of the Living Over The Shop scheme, or the cuts/ under-resourcing of heritage protection?

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