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I saw this house on Cork Street, just opposite the junction with Ormond Street, and it set me thinking- a candidate? I don’t think it’s been mentioned on here before.

Had a look at the back today and sure enough, it does fit the pattern!

Rear return on the opposite side to the stairwell with window to main back room in between. Not much sign of original brickwork, but interesting remnant none the less.

Here’s one of those well known views of the three ‘Dutch Billys’ on Sweeney’s Lane (continuation of Ardee Street to the south), just to re-acquaint ourselves with the complete article.

Apparently the small square plaque on the left side of the first gable recorded the date 1721. Date stones themselves are a bit of a Dutch characteristic. These houses were among the most drawn and photographed houses in the city until they were knocked down in 1932 and replaced by a yard.

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