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ake; no obvious web link comes to mind, but I do have an old fashioned book that might be of some use to you. It’s just a simple ‘Amsterdam Canal Guide’ published in 1978, but it has accurate line drawings of every house on the four circular canals and it gives the dates and details of any alterations or re-buildings.

Interestingly it charts restorations by the ‘Stadsherstel’ from as early as 1940, when you would have thought that they might have had other problems on their hands.

I’ve found the book to be an invaluable source in trying to understand the stylistic development of the gabled house, from the 16th century onwards, in the city where the development of the gabled house type probably reached it’s zenith..

I’m sure a short loan spell could be organized.

If you want to get your people to talk to my people . . .

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