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@ake wrote:

. . . a clearer detail of the Van der Hagen painting of Waterford City, seen earlier in the thread. Now I wonder if there are any interesting old photographs in this respect?

That’s a much better copy, ake.

I can’t find any photographs on the web of the Waterford Quays, either now or in the past. Google earth don’t seem to cover Waterford. If I hadn’t a bunch of other things to do at the moment, today would have been a good day to go down there and have a look see, all the traffic would would be going the other way.

On the regional spread of Dutch Billys, I tracked down a copy of a 1786 painting of High Street in Belfast, by John Nixon (who, lets hope had a day job) and some nice standard three storey Billys show up. There’s a group on the left and, in the distance, another low terrace of two or three. The houses at right centre may simply have dormer windows, it’s hard to tell.

There’s at least one other print, or painting, of Billys in Belfast that I recall seeing, but that I haven’t tracked down yet. They seem to be extraordinarily disinterested in them up there, you would have thought that Dutch Billys would be right up their street, as it were.

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