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What’s there at the mo is bad. Is this an improvement?

Will probably end up getting something like whats down the docks……..squat block land.

Anyway that proposed tower may hold the aurora like the way the cylindrical American Embassy building once did.

I remember everyone being up in arms over the Kevin Roche Spencer Dock proposal over 7 or more years ago. The European city model was the example to follow not a ‘Canary Wharf ‘ or a ‘Mini Manhatten’……and look what we got…..No snazzy glass towers of the Celtic Tiger era, ah no…..just a piecemeal collection of architectural mediocrity. Conservative Ireland alive and well.

Ah fuck it and build the Dunne Tower, sure the new Lansdowne Road is gonna look ultra modern in the area.

The super middle class Joe Soap residents of Ballbridge etc…are no more special than anyone else.

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