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The outlines of the two sea-front proposals can be seen at

Lagoon proposal reproduced below.

Concept A: Dún Laoghaire Lagoon

  1. A lagoon beach constructed adjacent to the East Pier with a linking pedestrian over bridge.
  2. An aquatic play area on the old baths site with a civic space and a building with a restaurant, providing for alternative therapies etc.
  3. An underground car park with up to 500 spaces
  4. New upper and lower walkways along entire sea frontage with plaza and viewing areas.
  5. Accommodation of the S2S project along the entire route.
  6. Limited land reclamation along Newtownsmith to facilitate civic amenities including the ‘Festival of World Cultures’.
  7. A newly landscaped Sandycove Park with water sports buildings.
  8. Improved facilities for Sandycove Harbour

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