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Put simply that area of the pier is the only area that has not been tinkered with and remains more or less faithful to its victorian origins. Filling in say 20 – 50 acres of sea to create a private or public-private leisure complex doesn’t appeal to me and would make the reaction to the Dun Laoghaire baths proposal look like a storm in an espresso cup.

The town has the best maritime facilities on the East coast between the subline East pier and Scotsmans bay / forty foot and most certainly doesn’t need a florida style gymmic project. If you want the beach go to Killiney, Sandymount or Rush.

The real blot on the landscape down there is Carlisle pier which the local harbour board mangaed to allow to rot despite the best intentions of Liebskind, SOM and Heneghen Peng. The last thing that is required is crayon plan a couple of hundred metres away.

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