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Manifesta: Non, le “Poxy Vanity Project” n’est pas la mare aux canards. KerryBog2 n’aime pas la plage. Pour lui, c’est la merde de canard.

The water quality has been much improved by the pumping of sewage to the Ringsend plant. There was indeed a time when swimming in Scotsman’s Bay was described as “going through the motions”.

As for swimming in the Irish sea – visit Sandycove and the Forty Foot on any sunny day and you’ll see the demand for such amenities. The enclosed nature of the proposed beach would also mean that the temperature of the water should be higher than that of the open sea.

The purpose of the proposal is to maximise the amenity value to families, particularly those with smaller children, given that the local council is committed to develop the amenity value of the sea front in this location and do something with the now derelict public baths. An adjoining beach could provide a new lease of life for swimming baths, providing a swimming/seaside facility with a much wider appeal to all ages.

The East Pier is probably the most popular public amenity in south county Dublin, while the nearby People’s Park, though small, is a popular and safe spot for parents with toddlers. The beach would be both convenient and popular with them. The small Sandycove beach nearby is thronged during the summer months, but disappears completely at high tide. It’s a very good indicator as to potential demand for such a facility.

I’ve no problem with scepticism, I’m certainly not holding my breath that the council would develop such a facility, even if they bought into the idea.

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