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@johnglas wrote:

I’m a new bogger visiting from Scotland, but with an interest in Irish architecture; I’m amazed at some of the responses to the CCN proposal. It has a real civic presence and offers some interesting public spaces (you cannot design open spaces on the basis that ‘drunks’ might abuse them). Most of the other entries were the usual self-indulgent rubbish that might look good in CAD but which everyone would grow to love to hate if built. Buildings should be ‘obtrusive’ – the current fashion for buildings cowering into the landscape just reeks of an inability to design well. However, context is everything and the CCN building is fine when viewed as part of the DL skyline.

I don’t think it’s acceptable to ignore how these public spaces will be used in the future. Dún Laoghaire, despite the ongoing improvements/rejuvenation has undesirable elements. There are big problems with anti-social behaviour in the town; the grounds of the church as stated are an example where a ‘public space’ is almost anything but..drunks and rough teenagers use the area but no-one else.

I can only presume the Architects know about the problems that exist in Dún Laoghaire, and should have put this into consideration. Now, obviously I’m not saying surround the perimeter with barbed wire, but from knowing the activities of the town and seeing the layout of the chosen development, the first image that sprung to mind was of how the public spaces could (will) become yet another no-go area for the majority of pedestrians.

Maybe it’s just me. I just don’t see these spaces as being a positive feature of the development. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong in times to come!

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