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@electrolyte wrote:

Yep, thats the one….It makes me ill to look at it!

I know they recently did it up….ha!….and while I hate it, I do believe its salvagable, it could be turned into something quite cool…im thinking along these lines, bearing in mind, there aint much to work with…

I think that City Point Tower is totally out of character with that part of London. Sure it’s tall and has a wow factor but all highrise in London should have been confined to somewhere like The Docklands. It’s reminds me of Centre Point Tower; tacky and just adds to London’s badly planned mishmash of highrise here and highrise there.

I’m all in favour for highrise in Dublin but not in the historical centre, and certainly not in Fitzwilliam. Too late for the Dublin Docklands so I don’t know what will happen in the future. I’m guessing Dublin will end up much like London: towers dotted randomly around the greater Dublin area.

Fitzwilton House is interesting. By its design you wouldn’t think it was 13 floors high, maybe more like 6. Deliberately and deceptively lowrise in appearance, I’m sure this helped its planning approval.

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