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I don’t approve of it at all and agree with most of what you said. It’s bland but it’s not terrible and is certainly a lot better than its neighbours on Ellis Quay.
This all goes back to the post I made on the last page. I see all of these bland – but not strictly ugly – developments as terrible missed opportunities.
It will probably be another fifty years before we get another crack at the Quays after making such a mess of it this time.
The same goes for the likes of Parnell Street and Mountjoy Square.
Most unfortunately, we’re seeing the exact same thing happening on Capel Street, which in many ways is my favourite street in Dublin.
If people think the Capel Building is bad, the new development diagonally across from it is actually much worse. However, none of them stand comparison with the abominations inflicted on the city in the 1960s.

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