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@StephenC wrote:

Here are some contributions: The Capel Building – Dublin’s latest planning horror
The Laughter Lounge – haha very funny
The Ivy Exchange – check out the latest dross on Parnell Street

Bad and all as these buildings are, I see them more as missed opportunities rather than ugly buildings per se.
I have been endlessly critical of the redevelopment of Parnell Street, but mainly in the sense that it could have been something special considering it has been redone practically from end to end.
Even the worst of all these buildings, the apartment complex next to the Parnell Ilac entrance, isn’t a patch on something like Hawkins House or Apollo House.
The Capel Building would, as said before, be better suited to an out-of-town business park and the Laughter Lounge is just plain boring. Same goes for the Ivy Exchange.

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