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God, where to begin…..

The Irish Life building.
The original Ilac.
The Q Building in Blanch, gross and very cheap looking.
Forget the name, but that 10 (or so) storey building on the Grand Canal, by Lad Lane….hideous
Bus Aras (obviously)
Hawkins House. Nuff said
Fingal County Offices on O’Connell Street. pleh.

But my all time favourite ugly building is, well are…
The whole stretch of them from that stupid Statoil on the quays all the way up to the brewery…all of them…especially that horrible prefab looking yoke. Knock em down and start again please. Shameful.

Im morto about being from Dublin when I walk or drive people by that stretch. I usually intrigue them into a fictional story about anything that reqires fixation on my face for however long it takes to clear them from vision…shockin.

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