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Small pillar-style street lamps are very rare in Dublin, espcially given their proliferation across post-war housing developments in the UK. They’re rarer still with their original heads, as with these charming little posts some people probably know along the canal at Charlemont Place to the bottom of Harcourt Terrace (across the canal from Grand Parade).

They’re well proportioned in design and relative to location, and the brown concrete is perfectly suited to the wooded surroundings of the canal.

Alas out of the three or so posts here, at least one has already had its head replaced. It’s a shame as they’re rare miniature versions of one of the larger suburban designs:

It’s interesting to note the different concretes between pillar and head, the former seemingly of the earlier coarser aggregate – perhaps suggesting a 1940s head connected to a 1930s post that had been in storage? Harcourt Terrace Garda Station right beside them was built in 1944.

They’re also suffering from cracking though (again an indication of an earlier lesser quality post?) – here it’s apperently being held together with gaffer tape!

Also a nice little township electric base still standing at the bottom of Leeson Park:

Luckily there’s lots of these full-scale 1904ish posts still in use.

More poured concrete footpaths too…
Nice touch around the base at least.

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