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It does – thanks 🙂
Indeed even on the refractor in image above you can see a variation in the ripples of the glass – don’t know if that accounts for anything.

Yes Stanton made quite a few Dublin posts; you see them a lot around the south inner city and suburbs. On a broader level in fact you don’t get that many concretes on the Northside, perhaps reflective of the general lack of investment that part of the city got at the time.

As strange as it may seem at first it’s really not surprising that the 1938 posts were of a smooth glossy surface originally – if you look at many of the 1950s posts around the city, many of them still retain an element of that orginal finish, although even then it does seem that a higher grade of concrete was used in these later posts; many are in remarkably good condition on the face of it anyway.

As for the doors Simon, I could be wrong but it would appear that the 1938s have replacement doors today – nasty unfinished steel yokes. Saying that, it’s possible they are the orginals – would they have been painted to begin with?

Now that you describe them as arc lamps, it is instantly apparent why the 1892 set were so short-lived!

They must have been a nightmare to maintain! And how antiquated too by the 1900s.

Here’s a typical arc lamp from the period with the rods clearly exposed – you can see the striking similarity to those in Dublin city centre, and indeed as were installed right across Europe:

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