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I like the idea of the black poles around the Squares I think that the railings would kill most of the effect and give a good contrast to the signs making them clearer to drivers.

You will find an unusual point of view about signage, on this link:

What are all of the signs stuck in the ground, doing on Grafton St., anyhow?

Street Lighting from Belgium pic attached. To be honest, when you think about ‘street lighting’ you don’t always have to imagine this thing stuck on the top of a very large pole – but that is the cliche that most of us have stuck in our heads unfortunately.

If the series ‘Behind the Hall Door’ is available on DVD, it would be about as good a starting point as any for the design of street lighting, as part of the urban space. In lighting interiors, the ‘Behind the Hall Door’ teams, went to pains in several of their episodes, to demonstrate how diverse lighting actually is, and what you can do with it, how many different things, lighting can actually be. I mean, this picture demostrates the approach where you stick everything on some kind of cantilevered pole object, and most of the time, it just contributes to dead space, in urban areas, which are already too conjested and unattractive.

Why do you need those large protection bollards on Grafton St., anyhow? Here is just another simple example where lighting is used to turn a potentially disasterous utility kind of truck ramp, into an attractive looking piece of urban furniture.

Even if lighting from on top of a pole, is a good way to provide basic levels of illumination to an urban space, there is still no need to go overboard on the design and embellishment of those poles. I think that some urban spaces here in Dublin could benefit from less ‘flowerly’ and visual loud lighting poles. That is why I tend to like the ones in the Belgian town picture above.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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