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Its always a pleasure to read this thread – particularly with all of the period photos which you uploaded; I note that the thread title appropriatey has a lit bulb as the accompanying icon 😀

However I don’t know if I agree with your last comment as to “those flippin signs are tacked onto so many of these posts”; it would seem to me that this is probably the better practice than the more frequent one-pole-per-sign/ light/ camera that is done all around Dublin.

Take the junction on the south side of O’Donovan Rossa Bridge, opposite the Four Courts; between only the four corners of the junction, there are approx 18 poles holding lights and signs, and of course no attempt at consolidation. Poles stand side by side with all most military dignity and precision, each one bearing a singular sign or item as if it were their duty……And you have to ask yourself; “are the poles invading, or do they just multiply at night?”


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