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Yes the township posts are generally very fine – even the charming little green pillar-posts on hundreds of residential streets.
The larger main road posts often have the township and date stamped into them – ussally they were new electric c1900 ones.

What is very special and still surviving in a form is the very early electric lighting used to light what was the ultra-modern, not to mention ultra fashionable Cowper Road/Gardens if not the surrounding area also. The lighting here is made up of pairs of green posts facing each other across the road with a wire suspended between the two, from which hangs a (now modern) lamp in the middle of the road!
You see it a lot in the UK but very few examples over here. A wonderful feature and it’s great to see it has been preserved by SD CC or whoever covers this area – rather than taking the wires down and putting heads on the posts.
Now if this had been in a deprived area – hmmmm…

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