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This has been a great thread, I hope people are still interested.

Dublin City Council make lofty claims about protection of architectural heritage, when evidently it did not occur to them that street furniture and in particular street lighting are a very important part of that remit. It has been confirmed to me that all of the 1930s lamp posts have been ‘thrown out’.

The Merrion Square installation was done in the 1980s by a lighting technician from the Lighting Department, i.e., someone with zero conservation training, who took a passing interest.

This is why you end up with the 30s lanterns on the 1903 brackets. This is why 30s lamps are removed from the streets because they don’t fit in with someone’s personal idea of ‘history’.

I expect someone who makes decisions about the landscape of a European capital city to be trained in conservation or history.

There is evidently no conservation officer working with the Lighting Division. I will be writing to the Heritage Office of Dublin City Council, advising them of my concern and disdain. Please do so too, if you care that your heritage is going to landfill. If people who care say nothing, the people who don’t care get away with everything.

Please write to them!

Dublin City Council
Heritage Office
Block 3, Floor 3
Civic Offices
Dublin 8

Tel: (01) 222 3824
Fax: (01) 222 2271

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