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I agree Morlan…the arguement that ‘I dont care what they build a long as its highrise’ is nonsensical. You are also contradicting your apparent desire for good quality architecture. A similar arguement led to the development of all the ugly 60s and 70s additions to the city that so many people decry such as Hawkins House, College House and the ESB offices on Fitzwilliam St – I dont care what they build (or replace in these cases) as long as it looks ‘modrin’.

The Barrow St scheme is truly awful and a testament to the fact that so much new building in the city is developer-led rather than part of a controlled planning framework. Linking to other arguements, would the developer come back in 10 years time to assess how the building has fared and whether in hindsight it was the best design he could have promoted for this site. I dont think so!

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