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It’s simply known as “The tower” and yes it was/is an industrial building but is mainly used for crafts/restaurants now. The Trinity (formerly IDA) Enterprise Centre was built around it. I work about 50m from it, so i can let yee know when work on nearby towers begins and post some photos.
I’ll be very interested to see how they actually construct alto vetro. The site is incredibly small – footprint is about that of a 3bed semi, and there isn’t anywhere for them to put stores/machinery. I imagine given this fact it will probably need to be substantially prefabricated and just hoisted/assembled on site… we will see!

I was just going to ask what those red brick buildings were. They take up a massive amount of space there, an absolute goldmine. I’m sure in the next 5 years they will be flattened and swallowed by luxery apartments.

You’re right about the Vetro footprint. I was inspecting it the other day and it I find it hard to believe a tower could fit there.

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